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New Hours (see below)
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WE NOW HAVE BREADS!!!!  Look at our Gluten-Free menu for details

Some of our Gluten-Free 
items are also Dairy Free.
 * Our New Hours

Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday - 9a - 6p
Wednesday 9a-6p
Thursday 9a-6p
Friday 9a-6p
Saturday 9a-6p
Sunday- 10a-2p

Our Home in Lake Hiawatha

79 N Beverwyck Road
Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034

Our Phone #
(973) 551.5540





Cake Pricing
(60 people or more)
starts at
$4.50 per person
(lower fat cakes)
$5 per person
(Gluten-Free cakes)
Prices vary with 
design, decorations, and special requests. 
Call today for a quote.
$50 deposit required on all orders
to reserve your special event.
Deposit applied to final order.
Full payment
made by check or cash day of the event.
We want to help you make all your events special.  We can handle custom orders, special design shapes, elegant cakes, corporate cookie platters, and more, to fit your event needs.
   Bring us your ideas,pictures, inspirational themes and we’ll bake it.  Or leave the design to us and be surprised. (We’ll quote you a price once we finalize the details of your order).


Contact us when you first begin planning your event so we can discuss all the customization options available and be able to give your event all the time and attention it deserves.

We specialize in Jewish holiday baking such as strudel, apple and honey cakes, Passover cakes, hamantashen, and more.


Choose from basic shapes or customized for a specific theme Basic Cakes shapes vary from round, oval, square, half circle, hexagon, and heart shaped.

Dessert platters
A great addition or stand alone option for any event big or small. Choose from a single dessert or combine up to four different varieties from Rugelach/cookies/bars/cake bites.  Platter serves 3 to 4 pieces per person. Prices start at $25 and up depending on selection.  Available in Lower Fat and Gluten Free.

These tasty small cakes can be decorated to match any theme you choose, and are available in a variety of scrumptious flavors fillings and toppings.
Minimum order: 1 dozen.  Combine up to three flavors.
Low fat cupcakes start at $3.00 each for basic design.
Gluten Free cupcakes start at $3.25.


So rich and delicious and, yes, low in fat.  Try our low fat cheesecakes in plain, sour cream, fruit, or ricotta varieties.

Cake flavors
Anytime or for special occasions, a cake is a great treat. Cakes available in 6”, 8”, 9”, 10” or 12" sizes.  Shapes include round, square, ¼ sheet, half or full sheets.  Or choose something a little different with a heart shape, hexagon, or create a shape.

Cake flavors can be combined.  Pricing vary with size and cake filling.  Contact us for pricing.Vanilla, coffee cake, yellow, dark or milk chocolate, chocolate cloud, spice, mocha, carrot, red velvet, marble, lemon, pound, Sour cream, strawberry, coconut, cranberry, Chai Latte- spicy cardamom, pink champagne cake, lemon polenta, or rainbow.


If you don’t see a flavor you like, please ask us.



  • Fruit preserves
  • Fresh fruit (strawberries, raspberries, bananas),
  • Nutella or European Nut free milk chocolate spread
  • Chocolate ganache truffle
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Fruit butter creams with real fruit puree
  • White chocolate mousse
  • Vanilla mousse
  • Cream cheese filling
  • Cookies and cream
  • Prune and pineapple medley
  • Lemon curd
  • Buttercreams (see listing in buttercreams and icings)

Buttercreams & Icings

  • Fudgy chocolate buttercream with real chocolate, milk or dark
  • Ganache – dark chocolate or white
  • Coffee chocolate *
  • Amaretto *
  • Vanilla*
  • Chocolate *
  • Coffee *
  • Hazelnut *
  • Lemon *


* Flavors available in Italian meringue buttercream, Swiss meringue buttercream, and

American Frosting

Individual Cakes
Date cakes: These small 6” cakes are available in any cake flavor and are great for two to share.


Creative Combo Minis: These little minis are 4” cake creations made of alternating random cake flavors stacked together, filled with raspberry preserves, and topped with butter cream.
Available in lower fat and Gluten Free.