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WE NOW HAVE BREADS!!!!  Look at our Gluten-Free menu for details

Some of our Gluten-Free 
items are also Dairy Free.
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Our Home in Lake Hiawatha

79 N Beverwyck Road
Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034

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We’re constantly adding Gluten-free options to your favorite baked goods.· If there’s something you’re looking for but don’t see it listed on our menu…just ask us about it.· Special requests are always welcome.· Call us for pricing on menu item or special request orders.



We have a wide variety for all tastes on a rotating basis. We have new flavors all the time- please check here often and Facebook as well. If you want a particular flavor, please call us to make sure we have it that day


Chocolate Fudge: Chocolate cupcake with Milk Chocolate buttercream

Vanilla Chocolate: Vanilla cupcake with Milk Chocolate buttercream

Espresso Mocha: Espresso Cupcake with Light Mocha Buttercream

Marble: Chocolate and Vanilla swirled cupcake, with chocolate Vanilla frosting

Banana Chocolate: Banana cupcakes with Milk Chocolate frosting

Banana Split: Banana cupcake, filled with Strawberry preserves, topped with Whipped topping,  Chocolate chips and a Cherry on top!

Red Velvet: Red Velvet cupcake with not-so-sweet Cream Cheese Frosting

Carrot Cake Cupcake: Carrot cupcake with our not-so-sweet Cream cheese Frosting

Cannoli Cupcake: Chocolate Cupcake, filled with our own Cannoli filling, topped with Whipped topping, chocolate chip cookie crumbs and of course- a Cherry!

Pumpkin Spice Cupcake: Pumpkin Spice cupcake with our not-so-sweet Cream cheese Frosting


Dairy Free Selection


Vanilla/Vanilla: Vanilla Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting

Vanilla/Chocolate: Vanilla Cupcake with Chocolate Frosting

Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate Fudge Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting

Chocolate/Chocolate:Chocolate Fudge Cupcake with Chocolate Frosting

Chocolate Mousse: Chocolate Fudge Cupcake with Chocolate Mousse

French Toast: Maple Vanilla cupcake  soaked with pure Maple syrup, topped with Maple buttercream and cinnamon sugar

Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes: Raspberry cupcake, filled with raspberry preserves, topped with raspberry lemonade Buttercream

Rainbow World: Colorful Vanilla cupcake with Vanilla Frosting- All with different colors!

Chocolate Mint Chip: Chocolate Cupcake with Mint Green Frosting and dairy free Chocolate chips




Rugelach: Traditional, soft, yummy cream cheese dough rolled cookies with a variety of fillings.· Choose from cinnamon, apricot/cinnamon, raisin, chocolate, raspberry, raspberry/white chocolate, apricot/walnut, or try one of our weekly specialty flavors.

Almond Crescents: Topped with powdered sugar, these cookies are light and addictive.

Brownies: What can we say…they’re fudgy and yummy.· And, they freeze well if you have any leftovers


Dairy Free Selection


Lemon Drop Cookies: Light and soft cookies with real lemon, topped with light drizzle. Your non-gluten friends will love these too…. Really!

Chocolate Chip Cookies: An all-time favorite that is chocolaty and tender, and made with either milk chocolate or dark chocolate chips.· They will satisfy any chocolate craving!

Chewy Chocolate Cranberry Drops: Rich chocolate cookies with cranberries and white chocolate chips that just make your mouth water.

Snickerdoodles: As whimsical as their name, these soft sugar cookies topped with cinnamon and sugar will tantalize your tongue.

Holiday Sugar Cookies: A decorated treat for any holiday or occasion. They’re not overly sweet and are great for any get together or party.

Biscotti: Traditional or slightly chewy varieties drizzled with white or dark chocolate.· Enjoy white chocolate, lemon, cranberry nut, or coffee Biscotti for a tasty mouthful.

Shortbreads: A great anytime cookie that is deliciously buttery and tender.Sometimes,we drizzle them with chocolate

Russian Tea Cakes: Similar to a soft-baked biscotti.




Cheesecakes: Our low fat and gluten-free cheesecakes are so rich and creamy that you will you melt with each bit.· Enjoy them plain or top them off with fresh strawberries or blueberries, or indulge with some chocolate.

Pecan or Apple/Caramel Pies: From the filling to the crust, you’ll enjoy every scrumptious bite.

“I can’t believe it’s not gluten” Double Chocolate Cake. With cocoa and semi-sweet chocolate, this moist cake is unbelievably addictive.· Try it plain, with coffee buttercream filling, or with chocolate ganache with or without seedless raspberry preserves and see why both adults and kids call it “ridiculous.”

Carrot Cake: Our Carrot cake is full of carrots and low in fat.

Red Velvet Cake: A velvety red cake that is low fat and gluten free.

Lemon Pound Cake: Plain or with buttercream (vanilla, lemon, coffee, etc…) our pound cake is moist and tender and made with real vanilla.

Grandma Pearl's Sponge Cake: Small or large, it's the traditional light sponge cake. It's not just for Passover.


A Variety of Flourless Cakes: naturally gluten-free!


Cake Couture (Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Chunk Cake): Roasted hazelnuts and dark chocolate chunks give this cake a “grown up” taste.· It’s great on it’s own with a light dusting of confectioner’s sugar or it pairs up well with pastry cream. *Contains: Nuts

Green Tea Almond Torte: A spongy almond-based torte infused with light green tea for a delicious and flavorful blend. *Contains: Almonds

Flourless Chocolate Cake: Chocolate lovers will delight with this rich chocolaty cake made with Callebaut chocolate.· Try it plain or with a chocolate ganache topping.· Either way, it’s truly decadent.



Because you asked, we now carry several kinds of bread from No Way. We carry their sliced bread, hoagie rolls, hamburger and hot dog rolls.  They are the best we've tried. Stop by and try for yourself.

We still have our frozen Pizza Crusts.

You asked for it, and we have it!  Please enjoy some good gluten-free Bagels from our friends at Sweet Note Bakery.

Please enjoy our Artisan Bread mixes by Luce.  They make fresh, piping hot gluten-free bread a reality for your table.